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The Clinical Management Specialist

Company Background

CHSI started in late 2005 when San Miguel Corporation decided to outsource its in-house corporate health services and offer the business to the 95 retirees affected by the outsourcing project.  78 retirees joined the group that formed the Center for Health Services, Inc. After being incorporated by the SEC late in 2005, CHSI started its operations as a Third Party Health Services Provider dedicated to San Miguel Corporation and its subsidiaries, involving the deployment of 260 medical and administrative personnel covering the 65 clinics of SMC and CCBG nationwide.
Scope of services involved administration and management of the comprehensive medical benefits of SMC employees from occupational to specialty health care and from provision of free medicines to out-patient diagnostic and hospital care through a network of health services providers nationwide.
We were able to deploy competent and well trained personnel including occupational physicians and nurses, medical technologists, x-ray and ultrasound technicians, Nutritionist, medical specialists (IM, Cardio, Pulmo, Endo, Ophtha, ENT, OB-Gyne, Surgery),  hospital coordinators, bills processors, ambulance drivers, etc.). 
CHSI was able to deliver what SMC has committed to the employees – that even with outsourcing – there was no disruption of health care services, no diminution of medical benefits and no difference in the delivery of health standards provided through the years.
CHSI was able to ensure continuous deployment of clinic manpower nationwide , management and supervision of diagnostic and ancillary services (laboratory, x-ray and ultrasound, ECG, threadmill, and audiometry), maintenance of nutrition clinic, and management of pharmacy services. 
Standards in the provision of health programs and preventive health services were also maintained.  CHSI continued to implement standards and procedures related to pre-employment and annual physical examination.  Management and supervision of standards for travelers including immunizations were also implemented without disruptions.
Today, CHSI has not only strengthened its value as third party partner for SMC and its subsidiaries for the delivery of focused, flexible and technically competent health services; but has expanded to other corporate and community clients.  CHSI diversified into Mobile PE services by acquiring and deploying its Mobile Clinic; on-site home care projects, cost-effective vaccinations to schools and community; and has expanded its clinic to include a specialty and diagnostic center based in Ortigas and Mandaue City, Cebu. CHSI has also diversified to include Dental Services and Pharmaceutical Services.